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Student at Epita, looking for an internship.


Hello World! Thanks for coming on my personnal website. My name is Vladimir, I am 26 and actually studying Computer Science. I live in France and more precisely in Paris, you know, where we eat snails and drink wine all the time [Not True].

As a man from the 90's, I discovered Computers when I grew up, my first machine was running on Windows 95 and I remember playing Microsoft Flight on floppy disks :) But now, I am really into new technologies and I like to be aware of the new possibilities we are given. I use most of my time to learn by myself new languages, features and/or to build stuff!

When I first graduated from Highschool, I went into a Business School as I really was into Finance as well, I was doing good with figures and I loved the internationnal aspect of doing business. I had a great time and I learned a lot of things but I was willing to better understand today's world with all the technologies that surround us! That's why I went into a Computer Science School: I'm willing to learn and improve my skills in Web but also into Multimedia Technologies. And let's be honest, I find it so cool to get an instant result when you code something!

I hope you will enjoy it as it is one of my first website.


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Both engineering and business schools

ESDES School of Management, Lyon, France

Master in Audit, Finance and Corporate Control - Date: 2009-2015

In my early years after graduating, I wanted to discover the world of business as I was really interested about finance but also by the international side of business relations. I was able to get lessons in Finance, Cost Control, Audit but also in various fields such as Human Ressources, Marketing and Corporate Social responsibility. My collegues and I were the winners of the Best Marketing Project (2011) and finalists of an Entrepreneurship Project. I could then specialized into Finance and more precisely into Corporate Cost Control as I really liked working with figures.

EPITA, Paris, France

3rd Year student in Computer Sciences - Date: 2016-Now

Since 2016, I've been studying at EPITA computer science School as I wanted to improve my skills and discover plenty of others technologies I was unfamiliar with. Most of the year was about learning programming language such as C, C++, Java: we had plenty of mini-projects during the semester we could work on with these technologies. We also have intense lessons in differents fields: Networking (TCP/IP), Project Management, Mathematics... On the second semester, we discovered about web technologies. We had a 4 months project where we had to design an e-commerce platform with Bootstrap, JS and Django as a back-end language.


Part of my experiences.


Cost Control Assistant June-September 2012

One of the biggest food company in the world. I had the opportunity to work into the cost control department. I was in charge of preparing the budgets (dynamic forecasts) and the monthly dashboards to the Financial Team. One of my tasks was to calculate the price/cost differences from a month to another with its explanation and consequences.


Cost Control Assistant (World Div) September 2014 - February 2015

Electricfil is a mid-size company working as an automotive supplier. I was attached to the group cost controller and was in charge of getting all the datas (budgets, gaps, results) from the different subsidiaries. Part of my job was to work with american, turkish and chineese subsidiaries.

Student / Self-learning

From 2016

As a complement of my school, I try to do my best to improve my skills in Web technologies and computer programming. I will let examples of my projects in the portfolio.

I am curently looking for an internship in Web development. Don't hesitate to contact me :)


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